selfportrait aboutSELF-PORTRAIT, 1995
Oil on wood 24" Round


My work focuses on the journey from the dark to the light.  It is the grey area before the light, where creativity and awareness are experienced. When one emerges, one’s new raw self is exposed after being concealed. Emergence is the process of coming in to being  - of manifesting oneself to importance or prominence. This is the thread that runs through every thing that I create whether it is painting, drawing or sculpture.

Profound or mundane is equally important to me in the creative process.

Andrea Broyles focused on figurative sculpture as an undergraduate at the University of Texas at Austin. She later started painting and since that time it has been imperative for her to work in both painting and sculpture. "I am not sure if my paintings are sculptural or my sculptures are painterly but I am inspired and energized by alternating between the two and even combining them in the same piece." Although the themes may change, the essence, style and imagery of Broyles' work has a consistency – it is figurative. She continues to work with the realistic form of the figure and its abstraction.